Five Ways to Make Yourself Indispensible at Work

With the economy in the dumpster and moral at an all time low, what can be done to add more stability in regard to your career? Here are five action steps that will definitely tip the scales back in your direction. I greatly stress you to take immediate action! Doing so will not only increase […]

The Easy Approach to Success

Let’s first look at the hard way to succeed; expend an incredible amount of tension and energy. Utilize every waking moment towards its obtainment. Take away or ruin every other important area of your life like relationships, health and wellbeing. You too could be a financial success under these conditions! Yikes, I bet there aren’t […]

Make Meetings Enjoyable

When the average employee is asked to attend another meeting during their busy day, the natural response is to head for the nearest exit– or at least fake a “scheduling conflict.” Why is that? Because they know all well that the meeting is a waste of their time. A meeting planner from Long Island came […]

Give yourself a raise!

“Give yourself a raise”, is an ongoing series on the many things you can do to add immediate value to your life! It’s raising yourself up to a higher level. One of less stress, more money and a higher quality of life for you and your family. Notice I said, “Give yourself a raise”. This […]

It’s all in the Design

Do you own your business or does it own you? It is not uncommon for the majority of business owners to experience overwhelm, frustration and worry nearly every day. All of which are extremely counter-productive. I was driven to write “It’s all in the design” because I firmly believe that most of the turmoil in […]