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Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Gregory

I’ll never forget the day I sat with Steve and he helped me see things in my myself that I could never see. Things honestly, I really didn’t want to know. However, in one fell swoop he helps create a horrible sense of dread in me that turned into an amazing sense of enlightenment when I realized he had opened a door for me that has put me on path of self-improvement and growth. Steve is one of those people whom I and anyone who meets him will always be so thankful that he came into someone’s life.

Gregory A SutFin

Emmy Award Winning Cameraman CBS News - NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Nicole

Steve has a natural way of seeing the world and situations for what they are and what possibilities can be created through them. Knowing him has caused me to be in action around areas of my life in which I was at a standstill. He has an innate ability to organize his thoughts in a order to create goals in an efficient manner.

Nicole Vasiu

Teacher - Queens, NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Andrea

Having a coach like Steve is a huge asset and a blessing from God! I’ve been working with Steve for about a year. I was going through a divorce at the time! Within 6 months, my wife and I were able to get divorced in a loving and respectful way, I was able to get my finances stabilized and lose 30 lbs! I went from barely surviving to THRIVING!
Having Steve as a coach made the impossible…possible! For anyone that is going through difficulties in life or simply want to take their life to the next level, I highly recommend Steve as the man that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient, effective and quickest way possible!

Andrea Calandrea

Restaurant Owner – Belmore, NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Carmelo

I highly recommend Steven Arecco from Life Coach Results. He has a talent for looking at challenges (whether it be business, personal, or relational) finding the root of the challenge, and offering practical solutions. I truly believe that Steve has a keen sense or talent to see through all the turbulence and help you find real solutions while “firing you up” to carry out what needs to be done. He is a teacher, speaker, motivator and has a velvet but yet steel way of motivating people. I truly appreciate his patience and generosity with his time. Another great thing I love about Steve is that he lives what he teaches. Thank You Steve for all your valuable coaching and most of all your friendship!

Carmelo Nicosia

CEO Harmony Entertainment – Long Island, NY

Financial Coach Sessions - Success Stories - Ken

Steven Arecco is passionate and generous. He is a phenomenal listener. He is authentic, creative, compassionate, generous, disciplined and beyond organized. He will have you make promises that are aligned with what you want and hold you to account to do what you said you would do by when you said you would do it.  You will find yourself propelled to take actions you never imagined were possible, producing results that leave you delighted. He embodies what for me is the true definition of a coach, someone who has me do what I don’t want to do so I can have what I want and more…..think of the movie “Karate Kid”….wax on, wax off. Steve is my Mr. Miyagi!

Ken Greenblatt

Certified Financial Planner, Woodbury, NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Jaimy

Steve is the bomb.  A born leader and motivator extraordinaire.   He has a powerful talent which is available to those who dare to create an extraordinary life.

Jaimy Lynn Cohen

Violinist – Boynton Beach, Florida

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Dan

What’s remarkable about Steve is that he’s found something new…
Steve realizes that failure is our greatest gift and only from that comes the invitation to success.
He teaches you And more importantly inspires you to action which is where all the magic happens.
Steve lives this every day and he’s really taught me to “train my brain”

Dan Brennan

Film Producer/Director - NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Janet

Thank you, Steve, for helping me overcome some blocks that we’re keeping me from moving my business forward! Your coaching and accountability practices got me refocused to bring my relationships and my business to a whole new level!!!!

Janet Mackay

CEO Sports Pro Camps – Suffolk, NY

Life and Success Coaching - Success Stories - Josh

If you want to grow in new ways of being, thinking or doing, spend time with people who are already masters.

That has been the gift of having Steve Arecco in my life. He teaches and leads by example. He is a tireless, passionate and humble student of life… the ultimate renaissance man. He is bad news for anyone who is busy arguing for their limitations.

Josh Orlean

Graphic Designer – Huntington, NY